Meet Splendid Fairywrens, An Adorable Chubby Little Bird That Jumps Out From A Fairytale Book

Splendid fairywrens are extraordinary birds. They wear a brilliant purple plumage that makes them stand out in their colony. This coat is lighter on the head, back, and wings and darker underneath. If you are looking for the pinnacle of purple feathered birds, these will probably rank first.

These striking chubby birds are socially monogamous but sexually promiscuous. They are loyal to their life-long partner but mate with multiple partners during mating season.

Male splendid fairywrens are gallant and romantic. They are loving and caring to their partner. These birds bring colorful pink or purple flower petals for the females to woo them. This happens around mating season.

The male birds are brave, too. They will fly out to distract the predator to protect the female if their nest is spotted by predators.

Both sexes bear high responsibility of protecting the chicks. They are ready to protect baby birds regardless of who the original parents are.

Male splendid fairywrens have blue ears and tails. However, their fur totally turns blue during the mating season. Interesting, right?

After finding mates, these birds build their nests in hidden spots that are closer to the ground, bushes, for instance. These nests are made from grass and spiderwebs.

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H/T: Kingdomstv

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