Meet Mountain Bluebird, A Breathtaking Little Bird With Sky Blue Plumage

We can’t deny that there are many extraordinary birds out there. They were born with striking features, making them conspicuous whenever they are.

The mountain bluebird is one of these beautiful creatures. It looks like a living fluffy cotton ball. Stunning and extremely adorable.

These tiny chubby birds own mesmerizing serene blue plumage that makes them stand out in their colony. Not just that, this blue shade is a bit darker on wings and a bit paler underparts.

Unlike male birds, the females are mostly gray-brown on their head, chest, wings, and tails.

Some people say that these bluebirds are probably the most beautiful birds that they could see. To me, their feathers are the pinnacle of the sky-blue shade. I can’t keep my eyes off these wonderful creatures.

Mountain bluebirds distribute in the western United States and Canada.

When these stunning creatures start their breeding season, it means that spring comes. They may build their nests in your backyard, lay eggs and incubate them.

H/T: Kingdomstv

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