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Golden-Browed Chlorophonia, A Stunning Bird With A Violet-Blue Cap, Green Wings And Yellow Underparts

Golden-Browed Chlorophonia is worth your attention. Their golden eyebrow stripes, violet- blue cap, green wings, and yellow underparts make them Fringillidae birds stand out in the world of birds.

If you are afraid that green and yellow can’t intertwine with each other, this bird’s coat can make it clear. Two vivid colors pair beautifully, making this bird one of the most distinctive birds in its range. And, we can’t keep our eyes off these stunning creatures.

Taking a closer look at these photos, you can also find a thin blue line that extends halfway around the back of their neck. Both males and females wear that feature.

There are some differences between the two sexes. Males have yellow eyebrow stripes and yellow underparts while female birds don’t. They are both green. If the male and female turn their back, they will probably look the same.

Golden-browed chlorophonia is native to Costa Rica and Panama. They inhabit subtropical, and or tropical moist montane forest above 750 m (2,460 ft) elevation.

They seek fruit, berries, and insects for food.

The mating season of this bird species is from February to June. Their nests are well built to protect them and the chicks from predators.

Currently, the population of golden-browed chlorophonia is decreasing. The main cause is the loss of their habitat.

You can watch the video of this striking bird below.

H/T: One Big Birdcage

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