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Daurian Redstart, A Striking Small Bird With A Silvery Gray Cap, A Black Face, And Orange Underparts

The Daurian redstart is such an outstanding bird. These small passerine birds were born with a silvery gray cap, a black face, and dark wings. Noticeably, they wear stunningly orange underparts, making them conspicuous whenever they are.

A lot of colors come to their feathers but they combine harmoniously and beautifully, creating an eye-catching coat for these redstarts.

The male of this bird species bears all these striking features. Meanwhile, female birds are only brownish.

Take a closer look at these photos, you will find out some similarities between the two sexes.

Both have a black tail with orange sides. Their bill, eyes, and legs are also black.

Daurian redstarts are migratory birds. They are commonly found in temperate Asia, ranging eastwards from Mongolia and the Himalayas.

These birds live in open forests, forest edges, agricultural margins. They can also be seen in parks and many backyard gardens.

Regarding food, Daurian redstarts mainly seek insects and seeds for food. They also feed in berries.

You can watch the video of this striking bird below.

H/T: One Big Birdcage

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