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The World’s Only Brown Panda Is Currently Living Happily In His Panda Valley

Pandas are incredibly adorable. This doesn’t change even when they are grown-up. These giant, playful guys can always bring smiles and fun to people who see them. They may cause trouble sometimes, but we can’t get enough of their cuteness.

Qizai (means ‘the seventh son’), the cute panda in this story is a bit more special. He is brown, currently the only brown panda in the world. His mom is black and white. Scientists guess that Qizai’s brown and white coat is due to some genetic mutation.

The brown panda was abandoned at two months old and faced bullying from other pandas. He was found weak and neglected in a nature reserve in Qingling Mountains in Central China. Luckily, he grows up healthily and happily.

Now, Qizai is 9 years old and is enjoying his life in the Foping Panda Valley. He has a personal care-taker who has to make sure that Qizai has a full belly and stays healthy. The brown panda weighs more than 220 pounds and eats around 44 pounds of bamboo every day.

‘He is slower than the other pandas, but he is also cuter,’ Qizai’s keeper told MailOnline, describing the bear as a ‘gentle, funny and adorable’ animal.

Qizai hasn’t mated before. He was fixed a date with an 18-year-old female panda named Zhu Zhu. If everything is ok, we will welcome the second brown panda to this world. It’s worth hoping for, right?

Now, take a look at great shoots of this brown panda!

H/T: Boredpanda

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