20+ Wholesome Animals That Give You A Dose Of Happiness

It’s obvious that everyone strives to live a happy life in their own way. While it’s hard to come up with a concrete definition for happiness, we all know the feeling when we are content with our lives. It’s still just a state of mind, and we can affect it through what we do. According to research, genetics decides 50% of our sense of happiness, personal situations account for 10%, and the other 40% depends on our reflection. This means that we are the ones who decide whether we’re gonna be happy or not.

There are plenty of ways to boost your mood, including engaging in charity work, finishing a task perfectly, traveling, and meeting new people. Though the activities depend on your personality and preference, there’s one thing that most of us have in common: the affinity for pretty and cute things. That’s why looking at sweet animals might be the fastest and most effective way to help you be as right as rain. Even non-animal lovers have to admit that sometimes adorable animals naturally melt their hearts and make their day better.

You should never underestimate the cute power of animals. Scientists have proven that keeping pets in your house has positive impacts on both your physical and emotional life. So whenever you’ve been through tough times, get yourself a chance to interact with adorable creatures and recharge your batteries. In case you find it hard to have a grab of wildlife and lovable pets in your area, check out this list of 23 wholesome pics! It costs you nothing to have some relaxing moments with these furry guys!

#1 “My local wildlife shelter had one of their soft-release raccoons manage to sneak over the fence and into the deer pen. Adorableness ensued.”

Source: th3dj3n1gm4

#2 “This dog is 18 years old,and still sleeping with the same frog toy he’s had since we has 4.”

Source: reddit

#3 “Can’t help it.” The happiest photo ever.

Source: mr_redsuitman

#4 “built the felines a new home. First 5 minutes.”

Source: u/Dskittlz

#5 “Can I see?”

Source: CatalanConqueror

#6 Best buddies naps together.

Source: Supdawwwwg

#7 “3 years later, Charlie is still a handsome kitten.”

Source: Brad_irl_acct

#8 “If I ever took a good photo it’s this one.”

Source: wolfdography

#9 Perfect match.

Source: A-B333nig

#10 “I’ll protect you, little one”

Source: reddit

#11 “Baby swan”

Source: dangerdania

#12 “Wyatt in his little room.”

Source: Salsal_Azar

#13 “Shortly after being rescued and reunited”

Source: u/ladyofsorrowsx

#14 “Hi my name is Clover and I adopted my people today!”

Source: loridiane20

#15 “Ready to weather the storm.”

Source: thefitgerian

#16 “Don’t listen to her lies.”

Source: PoonSwoggle

#17 “Do you believe in friendship between dogs and ducks”

Source: u/sofiafreee

#18 “My 70 y/o Grandma doesn’t have reddit but asked me to post her babies.”

Source: IrisEmber

#19 “His loving look when he realized he’ll never be cold or hungry again”

Source: u/hoorhay_ng

#20 “They’re not her own kids, but she loves them anyway.”

Source: reddit

#21 “I hear you were looking for the cutest photo on the internet?”

Source: millispymeth

#22 The perfect moment.

Source: r/aww

#23 The Easter Bunny came early.

Source: u/v1k1rox

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