20+ Wholesome And Funny Photos That Tell What Movie Production Really Is

Movies have invisible power, taking us to an amazing world where anything is possible. When immersed in a movie, we can’t stop thinking about what would happen if scenes in movies were in real life. Despite that, it is seemingly unavoidable that most of us are hypnotized by the magic of cinema.

To produce a high-quality movie, the crew, including directors, costume designers, makeup artists, CGI designers, and the cast have to work countless hours on set. Some of them don’t even take a shower for days and just take a snack. Thanks to their huge effort, we can enjoy blockbusters that give us moments of complete relaxation.

We’ve gathered 24 photos that reveal the secrets of film production. And if you’re looking for more, read these articles: 20+ Behind-The-Scenes Photos, 18 Photos That Reveal The Truth Behind The Magic of Cinema, and 18 Pictures That Will Show You What Real Movie Magic Is.

#1 Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence on the set of Passengers

Wholesome And Funny PhotosSource: Jaimie Trueblood / Capital Pictures / East News

#2 His Dark Materials, behind the scenes

Source: CAP / SFS / Capital Pictures Russia / East News

#3 The extras on Pirates of the Caribbean set worked during all kinds of weather. And to keep their shoes clean, they wore shoe covers

Source: © joachimronning / Instagram

#4 Gal Gadot getting casts for her Wonder Woman costume

Wholesome And Funny PhotosSource: Clay Enos / Warner Bros. Pictures / Courtesy Everett Collection / East News, East News

#5 With the help of chroma key technology, you can create whatever you’d like — you can even turn actor Sean Gunn into Rocket!

Wholesome And Funny PhotosSource: © Guardians of the Galaxy / Marvel Studios© thejudgegunn / Instagram

#6 It wasn’t easy for the cameraman to film some episodes of First Man

Source: CAP / SFS / Capital Pictures Russia / East News

#7 Guy Ritchie explaining the task to the actors of Aladdin

Source: CAP / RFS / Capital Pictures / East News, CAP / RFS / Capital Pictures / East News

#8 Charlize Theron had to wear facial prostheses while filming Bombshell

Source: East NewsCAP / SFS / Capital Pictures Russia / East News© charlizeafrica / Instagram

#9 This was how they filmed the final scene of Gravity

Source: Image supplied by Capital Pictures / East News

#10 The majority of scenes of 127 Hours were filmed in a real canyon

Source: © 127 Hours / Decibel FilmsImage supplied by Capital Pictures / East News

#11 Doctor Octopus’s tentacles in Spider-Man were created from scratch

Source: Sony Pictures / Courtesy Everett Collection / East News© Vanity Fair / YouTube

#12 And Spider-Man himself was often portrayed by a tennis ball

Source: © Vanity Fair / YouTube© Vanity Fair / YouTube

#13 To become Nebula, Karen Gillan had to spend many hours in the makeup chair

Source: © Guardians of the Galaxy / Marvel Studios© Legacy effects

#14 Emily Blunt and Lin-Manuel Miranda on the set of Mary Poppins Returns

Source: CAP / RFS / Capital Pictures / East News

#15 All the characters in the cartoon, Missing Link, were made of clay

Source: © Missing Link / Annapurna PicturesLaika Studios / Annapurna Pictures / Capital Pictures / East News

#16 Driving scenes on the set of the movie, Mission: Impossible — Dead Reckoning Part One

Source: CAP / SFS / Capital Pictures Russia / East NewsMatteo Nardone / Pacific Press / Sipa USA / East News

#17 Maleficent’s wings were added at the post-production stage, but while on set, they looked like this

Wholesome And Funny PhotosSource: © Maleficent: Mistress of Evil / Walt Disney Pictures© disneymaleficent / Instagram

#18 And a special contraption was used to make her fly

Wholesome And Funny PhotosSource: © disneymaleficent / Instagram

#19 Terminator, behind the scenes — Mackenzie Davis is hovering above the car

Wholesome And Funny PhotosSource: CAP / RFS / Capital Pictures / East News

#20 Awkwafina and Karen Gillan, who starred in the movie, Jumanji: The Next Level, filming the scene on rope bridges

Wholesome And Funny PhotosSource: © karengillan / Instagram

#21 Nothing unusual, just Gillian Anderson and Olivia Colman having fun on the set of The Crown

Source: © gilliana / Instagarm

#22 The Bridgerton actors shared a selfie taken on set with their fans

Source: © lukenewtonuk / Instagram

#23 The cast of The Good Doctor has become like family after 4 years of filming

Source: © eltexmex / Instagram

#24 Dude, the Free Guy’s character, had Ryan Reynolds’ face and the body of bodybuilder Aaron W. Reed

Wholesome And Funny PhotosSource: © Hugo’s Desk™ / YouTube© Hugo’s Desk™ / YouTube