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20 Photos Showing How Sweet Pets Could Startle You With Their Cold Revenge

Pets are the most adorable and beloved friends, without a doubt. If you own a pet, you will know how sweet and lovable they are, most of the time. However, let’s not forget how childish and petty they could be from time to time if they are unhappy with what you did.

Pet owners always try their best to provide their furry babies with the best things in the world. They love to spoil them with delicious food, warm cuddles, new toys, and the comfiest beds. They also want to keep their pets as far as possible from anything that may cause harm to them. Unfortunately, the fluffy guys don’t always get their owners’ well-meaning decisions, so they may get mad and plot devious revenge. Try to skip your cat’s dinner for the sake of his health, and you will likely find your toasts scattered on the floor the next morning.

It’s not only humans that these witty animals hold a grudge against. They are not tolerant of anything that poses a threat to their peaceful and easygoing lives. They may be defeated at a time, but it’s never late for revenge, even after months.

Here we have gathered a list of 20 pics showing how mean the lovely pets could be. Though we may be furious at the time seeing the damage caused by them, we probably couldn’t rage at them. Their unpleasant acts inform us about their dissatisfaction, and sometimes we aren’t able to do anything but burst out laughing at their unexpected revenge. After all, they should have a right to ask for justice for themselves.

Scroll down and enjoy some coldest vengeance from the seemingly innocuous animals!

#1 A Month Later, Tabby Got His Revenge

Source: TepidPaella

#2 It’s Time For Revenge

Source: anya_anchan

#3 Princess Pamela Knocked Over Two Plants… All Because I Didn’t Feed Her The Moment I Came Home From Work

Source: chezaraez

#4 He’s On A Diet. It’s Not Going Great

Source: pickles-and-mayo

#5 The Brown One Always Bullies The Orange One. He Finally Got Revenge

Source: tfisher257

#6 The Cat Was Mad We Weren’t Home To Feed Her Dinner, And Got Back At Us By Ripping Apart A Pack Of Bagels And Taking A Tiny Bite Out Of Each One

Source: sufficiently_sp00ked

#7 Revenge For The Stolen Dog Bed

Source: ktrainz

#8 Payback For Buying Cheap Cat Food

Source: allouttaupvotes

#9 My Cat Couldn’t Get To His Litter Box Because The Toilet Door Was Forgotten Closed At Night, So He Spilt The Litter Bag Himself And Pooped On It

Source: 8080x

#10 That’s What You Get For Leaving Your Dog In The Car

Source: reddit.com

#11 When You Go To The Bar And Return 2 Hours Past Your Cat’s Dinner Time

Source: work_constantly

#12 This Is Bruce. Bruce Attacked His Automatic Feeder And Then When It Would Not Feed Him, He Decided That My Bread Was Gonna Get It

Source: art-ho-vangogh

#13 He Is Ignoring Me Because I Wouldn’t Let Him Eat The Diarrhea-Causing Cactus

Source: curryp4n

#14 This Is What Happens At 2 Am If You Forget To Give My Great Dane Pup All 4 Of Her Bedtime Chew Toys

Source: twistednwarped

#15 Someone Was Mad That She Couldn’t Fit In The Kitty Tent

Source: New_Satisfaction_300

#16 Trio Of Magpie Bullies Learning There Are Consequences To Being Jerks To Cats

Source: reddit.com

#17 My Cat Bites My Dad Whenever He’s Paying Attention To My Mom And Not Him

Source: EUOS_the_cat

#18 Left The Planter On The Spot Where He Usually Sits. No Basil For Me, I Guess

Source: tobacctracks

#19 Dallas Wanted Me To Know Who’s Boss Because I Wouldn’t Give Her More Food When She Finished Her Bowl

Source: radbrad777

#20 When The Big Cat Dewey Was A Kitten, He Used To Bother All The Cats, Payback Served Well

Source: Evilelfqueen

Have you ever got revenge on your pets? If yes, why? What did they do? Share your story with us in the comment below, and don’t forget to check out more interesting news about intelligent and lovable animals in other posts on our site!