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20 Disney-Inspired Memes That Will Kill Yourself Laughing

Disney! Who doesn’t enjoy watching their movies, right? They are fun family adventure films with lots of humor and plots that will leave you in awe. Many of us grew up watching Disney movies, so they have become an integral part of our childhood memories. Occupying a special place in the hearts of generations, Disney and its content remain an inexhaustible source of inspiration for all forms of entertainment. From theme parks, video games, and fantastic fan art to the following amusing memes that have gone viral on social media, all have confirmed Disney’s strong influence.

So our job today is to put together some hilarious memes inspired by this House of Mouse – combining your beloved childhood films with your adult sense of humor – that will have you chuckling the whole way through. What could be more fun than stopping by and seeing what we’ve found? We are sure that anyone can get the gist of the humor. So, what are you waiting for without soaking into it with us?

#1 When you were afraid of Scar as a kid but relate to him on a personal level as an adult.

Source: Disney 

#2 If Cinderella happened today.

Source: Jen Lewis

#3 In any case, never pause a Disney movie.

Source: AlternativeDisney

#4 How to express sadness.

Source: imgur.com

#5 Disney shows different uses of kitchen utensils.

Source: Disney

#6 Oh!

Source: Adam Ellis

#7 Everything is good if there is WIFI.

Source: instagram.com

#8 The long hair problem.

Source: Disney / Loryn Brantz 

#9 He would be a nice boy and very nice boy.

Source: niqabisinparis.tumblr.com

#10 Good job!

Source: instagram.com

#11 Still a mystery.

Source: Disney

#12 A message from Disney

Source: Disney

#13 Another message!

Source: Disney

#14 A good choice!

Source: imgur.com

#15 The best joke Disney ever make.

Source: Disney / BuzzFeed / lovingyourworkcowbxy.tumblr.com

#16 This scene is so funny.

Source: Disney / TheDisneyMemes

#17 Are you the love of his life?

Source: imgur.com

#18 Meme from Frozen.

Source: instagram.com

#19 That is very funny too.

Source: au.pinterest.com

#20 Oh, there’s the usual things; flowers, chocolates, promises you don’t intend to keep…

Source: assholedisney.tumblr.com