20 Costume Fails The MCU Should Be Embarrassed About

It's not easy to bring admittedly ridiculous comic book costumes to daily life. After all, these vibrant layouts weren't exactly designed for the big screen. Because of this, superhero films, particularly those in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, adapted their comic book costumes to better suit the live-action medium.
For the most part, the MCU did an excellent job of translating and transforming Marvel Comics' eccentric costumes for their films and TV shows. However, for every great live-action costume, there is a mediocre or downright bad one. Some designs stood out too much from the others, while others simply didn't fit the theme or style of their respective story.
The MCU's adaptations of traditional comic book costumes keep expanding and getting better with each new chapter added to the overall story. Even so, it doesn't mean that the MCU is immune to occasional errors. This list has been updated to reflect some controversial outfits from MCU films and TV shows.

#1 Black Widow's Age Of Ultron Look

Costume FailsSource: ScreenGeek

While Nat's hair has obviously changed more than the men of the MCU, her outfits have changed less noticeably. The most obvious differences to her costume in Age of Ultron were the addition of color and neon lights, which completely disregard her constant need for stealth. The electricity within could have been displayed more subtly.

#2 Cap's Depressing Infinity War Look

Costume FailsSource: Shazoo

In some ways, Captain America's Infinity War look worked well because it mirrored the bleak tone of the film's ending. It just didn't work for Steve. Cap is supposed to be a symbol of hope, not a depressing reminder of how the Avengers failed in their most important mission, costing the universe half of its population.

#3 Daredevil's Complicated Getup

Costume FailsSource: Film Stories

We're used to seeing rough outfit prototypes on new characters, but Daredevil's inexperienced hero look wasn't half bad. Its updates, however, made it harder to watch him in action, which was unfortunate given how good the series was. The mask made it difficult to see Matt in battle.

#4 Diamondback's Looks

Costume FailsSource: Player.One

Diamondback's appearance in the comics was never particularly appealing, so Netflix could have done anything to modernize him, as they did with Luke Cage. Instead, they replicated the lackluster comic look and added a ridiculous helmet, making him look like a Nova Corps recruit.

#5 Drax's Non-Destroyer Look

Costume FailsSource: NoSpoiler

Drax was planned to be a murderous monster, and while we all fell in love with Dave Bautista in the role, he doesn't have the same menacing air that he does in the comics, especially when it comes to his appearance. He isn't even green like Drax the Destroyer.

#6 Falcon's Civil War Wings

Costume FailsSource: Plotpoint

Falcon is undoubtedly the coolest character with techy looks, but his appearance in Civil War wasn't the best. He'd previously worn sleeker, more heroic designs, but this one was clunky and goofy, with too much Captain America branding and curved, feather-like wing designs.

#7 Gamora's Non-Dangerous Look

Costume FailsSource: Quando la città DORME

While we all miss Gamora and her sacrifice moved us to tears, she didn't look or act like the most dangerous woman in the universe, as she is portrayed in the comics. She was mostly used as a plot device for Thanos, which annoyed many fans, and her wardrobe completed her unthreatening appearance.

#8 Loki's Blah Ragnarok Look

Costume FailsSource: naver Post

Since when does one as theatrical as Loki become a drab background character? Perhaps this decision was made to allow Thor to shine more brightly in the film, which wasn't difficult given the film's excellent writing, but it's a boring look for the trickster regardless of his role.

#9 Loki's Horns

Costume FailsSource: Gettotext

Yes, Loki has horns in the comics, but does he need them in the movies? He's already a devil without them, and they make him look like a silly little boy attempting to rule the universe rather than the dangerous force to be reckoned with that he is. We were relieved to see the horns gone.

#10 Nova Corps

Source: Pinterest

Why was Yondu terrified of the Nova Corps when they resembled a slew of 1980s cartoon character extras from shows like Rainbow Brite or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? "Alien" does not have to mean "goofy as heck." MCU, these are supposed to be space military officers.

#11 Quicksilver's Tracksuit

Source: WallpaperBetter

It's bad enough that Quicksilver died so quickly during the Avenger saga, but he also had to put up with a costume that makes him look more like a dad out for a Sunday run than a hero. There's nothing wrong with jogging dads, and the look is a step up from the standard lightning-bold ensemble, but it just doesn't work for an Avenger.

#12 Scarlet Witch's Goth Getup

Source: Cosplay Hub

What inspired Scarlet Witch's Gothic costume? It appears that designers wanted her to look Wiccan to match her name, so they went overboard with what they thought a stereotypical witch might look like. This is not a superhero outfit. We understand the desire to eliminate the wimple, but this was not the solution.

#13 Scarlet Witch's Red Look

Source: Blog da Clara

The Marvel Cinematic Universe just can't seem to get Scarlet Witch right. Even though her powers do not necessitate much hand-to-hand combat, this strange corset design does not allow for it. It's the most constrained look for any character and makes no sense other than to make her more attractive, which shouldn't be the primary goal when it comes to dressing superheroes.

#14 Spider-Man's Bright Blue Suit

Costume FailsSource: FilmTotaal

Spidey's classic red and blue look just didn't work on screen, giving him a cartoonish appearance. It almost gets a pass because each hero's early costumes are bound to be rough. Subsequent changes made him look sleeker and more like an Avenger, especially when Tony got his hands on them.

#15 Thanos' Sleeveless Costume

Source: Twitter

Thanos' sleeveless ensemble in Infinity War, which deviated completely from his previous in-character looks based on the comics, was a total flop. He appeared completely harmless and silly. Even if he doesn't require any additional armor due to the gauntlet, that doesn't mean he has to dress for a day at the beach. The bad guys should be intimidating.

#16 The Inhumans' Costumes

Source: The Couch

How to make aliens look weird?  The Inhumans simply do not translate well from comic to real life, from their clothing to poor Medusa's underrated hair. The subtleties in each costume are also lacking in the show. We understand that it's difficult given their abilities and appearances, but some CGI would be preferable to the result.

#17 The Many Suits Of Iron Man

Costume FailsSource: SCREEN GOBLIN

Some fans thought Iron Man 3's many different suits were a clunky mess. Some people wondered why so many suits were required, especially since Tony could make new modifications to the suit he'd need for regular work. Unless Tony was building his own army, they appear wasteful, and some of them don't even resemble Iron Man.

#18 Thor's Dark World Look

Source: Gettotext

Everyone has a favorite Thor look, from the most recent adorable fat Thor to the cool Ragnarok transformation. Dark World is frequently cited as fans' least favorite MCU film, and Thor's costume could certainly play a role. It's unflattering and appears round and cartoonish.

#19 Veiny Hulk

Source: Reddit

A big problem with superheroes and villains is when filmmakers tell rather than show, as they did with Batman's Bane in The Dark Knight Rises. With his too-veiny look, Hulk received a similar treatment. Without the requisite 'roid rage look, audiences could see how strong the big guy was.

#20 Vision's Cape

Costume FailsSource: eCartelera

Many characters received fantastic updates when they were translated to the MCU, but Vision was not one of them. Outdated and silly-looking, he stepped right out of the pages and onto the screen without much modernization, making him stand out from the rest of the team.
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