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Photographer Makes Photo Shoots Of Animals In Classical Style And The Results Are Awesome

Maria Rosenblatt is a professional fine art and portrait photographer based in Tel Aviv, Israel. She is also a professional musician, she plays violin, and also she makes photo shoots for musicians. She expresses her passion for art through photography and music. She often focuses on artists’ portraits, mainly musicians as well as pets and fashion photography.

She has an ongoing project “portraits of soul” focused on animal portraits that is meant to show the nobility and inner beauty of these creatures. As part of a voluntary project, she has helped shelter pets look for their forever homes since the pets that took part in her project were adopted by amazing humans.

For the exhibition, she chosen 9 pictures that she put in the “classical painting decor” style frames. Scroll down to see them below!

More info: mariarosenblatt.com


According to her bio on her website, she was born in Ekaterinburg, Russia. Her exposure to the world of art began in early childhood when she started to play violin. She graduated from Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory in 2007 and after that moved to Israel. There she decided to develop her artistic spirit more by acquiring new skills in visual arts, studying photography in Gavra Photography School.


“I started my project when I brought my dog Didi to the studio where usually I shoot portraits of people. I made some portraits of Didi and after that my friends and colleagues were just amazed by the results,” she shared.


She added, “I put on them some accessories, part of which I made by myself, and my idea was to show the aristocracy and nobleness that every pet has inside. I called to my project “Portraits of Soul” because those accessories were just supposed to emphasize the inner world of those pets and their soul that I believe there is in every creature.”







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