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Senior Cat Begs Her Mom To Watch Her Favorite Movies Every Day

Emily’s husband is a cat person, but she is a dog person. The couple went to some shelters to adopt a cat, but Emily didn’t feel any connection with them.

Amazingly, everything had changed after she and her husband saw a senior cat named Ella.

When Emily first saw Ella, the cat came up to her and immediately licked her. She felt like she loved this cat already and decided to bring it home.

Despite being old, Ella just wants to be with her humans. It was interesting how fast she acclimated to her parents.

One day, Emily was watching “The Grinch” movie, when she noticed that Ella also loved it. The cat paused and just stared at it the entire time. She is obsessed with the movie.

If she’s interested in a movie, she will sit down and look at it. The movie is the one thing that makes her calm down. Watching movies has definitely become part of their routine. Movies brought them closer together.

“Everyone gets so nervous about senior cats or just senior animals. But it’s completely worth it, I wouldn’t trade her for the world. I just love her with everything I have,” Emily shared.

Watch the video here:

Special thanks to Emily for sharing her story. If you love Ella, you can keep up with her on Instagram and TikTok.

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