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Cat Lounges Inside The Piano To Get Hammer Massage And Enjoy Christmas Songs

Meet Thầy Minh, a Vietnamese pianist and piano teacher, who has a popular YouTube channel with more than 447k subscribes. The name of his channel was named after his beloved cat, a fluffy grey cat named Haburu.

His YouTube channel was created around one and a half years ago and has already gained many cat-and-music lovers. Each of his videos features him playing the piano while his cat Haburu peacefully lounges or sleeps inside of it, enjoying the music.

For the second year in a row, Thầy Minh and his cat have been getting into the festive spirit by filming videos featuring iconic Christmas songs as “We Wish You a Merry Christmas,” Hallelujah,” “When a Child is Born,” “Jingle Bell Rock,” and many more.

While Thầy Minh plays the piano, Haburu calmly lounges inside the piano, gets hammer massage, and enjoys the music and the festive spirit. And occasionally, he asks for some attention and love from his human.

Watch their videos below:

If you love the duo, you can discover more of the adorable performances by visiting Thầy Minh’s YouTube channel, his Instagram page or Facebook.

People online couldn’t get enough of the cuteness and sweetness of the adorable Haburu videos. Here’s what they had to say about them:

“Your company, music and a back massage, what more does your kitty want… or need?”

“Cats are so unique and corky. They reminds us of the simple pleasures life brings. This truly adorable. Thank you.”

“Love it!!! Good pianist too!”

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