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Sweet Cat Makes Her Dad Look Perfect Before A Big Date

Merayad Ali is a German man who currently lives with his beloved cat named Zeytin. His cat is not a simple black cat who just sleeps all day. She is a dedicated personal stylist. It sounds crazy, but this great stylist helps her dad look good before dating.

Zeytin was found by Merayad’s brother when she was a kitten. He realized that the cat was in need of a home, so he took her home. At first, Merayad hadn’t been planning on keeping her, but after helping his brother care for her, he fell in love with her and couldn’t live without her.

“Zeytin has definitely captured my heart,” Merayad told The Dodo. “We are very close. I would do anything for her.” Merayad is always happy to spend his free time caring for his cat.

One day, Merayad had a big date, so he prepared to make sure he looked perfect. Although Zeytin wasn’t invited along, she was willing to help her dad look his best.

“She is the best stylist ever,” Merayad said. “I know that she doesn’t want to share me with anyone, but she still helps me,” Merayad said. “She is a very good cat.”

After all, she knows that no one will ever come between her and her dad. “She has the complete decision [on who I date],” Merayad said. “Nothing would work without her approval.”

Watch their video here:

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