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Dog Going Missing In Freak Sea Foam Beach Finally Rescued By Her Mom

Dogs and their owners have a special bond. We, humans never want bad things to happen to our dogs. They are not only adorable and smart pets but also loving family members. We are ready to give them the best that we can and these furry guys also do everything to protect their family.

Hazel is a lucky dog. She has a family where she is truly loved and cared for. There is one incident that challenges how much his family love him.

Hazel and his family were on a Gold Coast beach in Australia when several feet of seafoam quickly washed up onto it, blanketing the sand and covering Hazel. His family was scared as their dog disappeared in front of them.

They started searching for Hazel and kept calling her name. They were trying their best to find their dog and brought her back.

A bystander took a video of Hazel’s mom and brother searching for her when the seafoam covered up their waist. You can watch it below.

Thankfully, Hazel’s family was able to find her. Her mom held the dog in her arms before taking her to safety.

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