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Stray Puppy With A Born Squint Is Given A Second Chance For A Happy Life

No one is perfect. We need to deal with our imperfection, physically or mentally. Be strong and brave and keep a kind heart, happiness will smile on you. Faith, the adorable stray puppy in today’s story is an example. The little girl was born with a permanent squint but luckily, she is given a second chance for a happy life.

Faith was found in a cardboard box on a doorstep in Antigua. The vet who spotted the pup knew that she was special. She had a permanent squint and wrinkled forehead. But these warmed the heart of the man.

The vet called the local rescue Dogs and Cats of Antigua to come to help the stray puppy. They picked her and named her Faith. They also gave her proper medical treatment and helped her find a new home.

“Normally, a special needs dog like Faith would be immediately put down in the islands. There are few adopters and no money for care,” Kate Venezia, Faith’s foster mom, said.

When Faith came to Venezia’s home, she made her foster mom a bit amazed. The puppy was good at navigating the house. She didn’t feel sad or uncomfortable about her disability. She quickly fitted in the new environment, navigating the house.

“She was pretty fearless, but definitely found her way around by sniffing and bumping into things.” Venezia continued.

The adorable dog actually knew how to use her ears and nose to navigate her home. Amazingly, she could always find her way to her favorite spot — right on top of her foster mom’s feet.

When Faith was ready to find a forever home, the rescue shared her adorable photos on Facebook. Many people spotted the pup and sent an application to adopt her.

Hope that Faith can get a family where the pup is truly loved and cared for. Every dog is a good dog, so they deserve to have a happy family.


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