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Tiny Twin Kittens Can’t Be Away From Each Other, Even For A Minute

Jace and Jackie are kitten twins who can’t live without each other. Their bond is so strong that no one can break it. They will cry whenever they are apart. When they are together, they are happy and can’t hide their great emotions. If one of them doesn’t feel good, the other kitten can’t be happy.

The twins are bonded to each other and make great companions because they play together, comfort each other, etc. They follow each other everywhere and can’t go a minute without each other. For this reason, they need to be adopted together. Thankfully, a good person agreed to give them a forever loving home.

Watch their cute video here:

They’re very beautiful and precious. So adorable how much they love each other! So happy they were adopted by a loving family who will love them with all their hearts and soul! Prayers going out to you! Hopefully those two will always be together and remain close.

If you love Lauren and her work, you can keep up with her other fosters on Instagram. For updates on other rescues like Jace & Jackie, check out The Animal Welfare League of Arlington on Instagram.

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