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Elderly Cats And Dogs Make A Photoshoot In “Grandparent” Style For Adoption

Every dog deserves to get a forever family, even when they are an elderly pet. These senior animals may be old enough to drive but still offer love and comfort to humans around them. And this makes sense. We do not only get a pet but also an old friend who is calmer and more affectionate. Time flies, and we get older – it’s the natural circle of life. And these elderly animals are not an exception. But we should never let this prevent them from finding a new home.

With this mind, Flagler Humane Society (FHS) made a charitable photoshoot of its elderly cats and dogs to raise more attention to these senior petizens. The final aim is to help them find a family so that they can get love and comfort around their humans until the day they say goodbye to this world. If you want to bring a pet to your home, you might consider this. These senior dogs and cats are so awesome in these pics, in a very “grandpa and grandma” style. Let’s check them out!

1. Uce

2. He is a fun-loving family dog.

3. He loves cuddles and snuggles.

4. Karma

5. She once got a family as a puppy.

6. But she was surrendered (as a senior) to the shelter when her owner was moving to a new location.

7. Kale

8. He is handsome and active.

9. He is an excellent walking partner.

10. Crystal

11. She is 6 years old, sweet and fluffy.

12. She is ready to find a forever family.

13. Bubbles.

14. She has been staying at the shelter for about 3 months.

15. She is playful and affectionate!

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