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19 Movie Bloopers That Have Become a Thorn in Viewers’ Side For Years

Watching a movie for the first time is filled with pure entertainment and joy. But someday when you watch it again, you may notice some more of the details that occur in both the foreground and background. It is worth saying that not many goofs are found in low-budget movies but they are actually featured in some of the biggest blockbuster epics.

It is understandable that even the most professional directors, showrunners, and actors make mistakes every once in a while. From TV series like Game of Thrones, and Stranger Things to famous movies like Pulp Fiction and Star Wars, plenty of mistakes have slipped through the cracks. These are unbelievable and even some of them have become an eyesore to viewers.

We’ve completed a list of mistakes from popular movies that probably make you annoyed. If you’re looking for more, read these articles: 10 Movie Goofs That Neither Directors Nor Even Editors Noticed, 12 Ridiculous Mistakes, and 15 Fun Facts About Movies You Went Unnoticed.

#1 In Marie Antoinette, you can see hair extensions on the head of the queen’s son.

Movie BloopersSource: © Marie Antoinette / Columbia Pictures

#2 In Iron Man, Pepper Potts is wearing a hands-free device, but in the next scene, it’s gone.

Source: © Iron Man / Marvel Studios

#3 In The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, Gandalf the White is wearing sneakers.

Source: © The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers / New Line Cinema

#4 In one of the scenes of Moulin Rouge!, the thin straps of the lead character’s dress are replaced by wide straps.

Source: © Moulin Rouge! / 20th Century Fox

#5 Jim Carrey’s hairstyle in the movie Bruce Almighty changes constantly.

Movie BloopersSource: © Bruce Almighty / Spyglass Entertainment

#6 In this Matrix scene, you can clearly see the camera in the reflection of the door handle.

Source: © The Matrix / Warner Bros.

#7 In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, the sleeve of Lord Voldemort’s robe is first rolled up but then rises up on its own.

Movie BloopersSource: © Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire / Warner Bros. Pictures

#8 In Catch Me If You Can, the events take place in the 1960s, when the braces Amy Adams’ character wears did not yet exist.

Source: © Catch Me If You Can / Dreamworks Pictures

#9 In The Other Boleyn Girl, they forgot to comb Natalie Portman’s hair back, which completely contradicts the rules of the French headdress.

Source: © The Other Boleyn Girl / BBC Films

#10 Anti-reflective lenses became popular in the 1980s. Sharon Tate could not have worn them in Once Upon a Time In Hollywood.

Source: © Once Upon a Time in Hollywood / Columbia Pictures

#11 In Back to the Future, Marty McFly plays a Gibson ES-345 guitar, which had not yet been created in 1955.

Source: © Back to the Future / Universal Pictures

#12 In Miss Congeniality, the state represented by this girl changes unexpectedly.

Movie BloopersSource: © Miss Congeniality / warnerbros

#13 In Frida, you can see how the actress is “bedridden.” But the artist’s earrings hang down, revealing that she is actually standing, not lying down.

Movie BloopersSource: © Frida / Miramax

#14 In A Series of Unfortunate Events, hands do wonderful things.

Source: © A Series of Unfortunate Events / Paramount Pictures

#15 In Spotlight, the journalist takes notes, but there is no single word in the notebook.

Source: © Spotlight / Participant Media

#16 Strange things happen in Twilight too: Taylor suddenly loses his vest.

Movie BloopersSource: © Twilight / Summit Entertainment

#17 In Titanic, the water looks clean when it should be murky because of the amount of organic waste in the ocean.

Movie BloopersSource: © Titanic / Paramount Pictures

#18 In Nothing Hill, the entire film crew can be seen in the reflection of Julia Roberts’ sunglasses.

Source: © Notting Hill / Working Title Films

#19 The tattoo that She’s All That’s lead character had disappeared on the day of the last holiday of the year.

Movie BloopersSource: © She’s All That / Miramax