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Abused Puppy Is Rescued, Burying His Head In Human’s Arms

Every dog is a good dog but not all of them get a happy home. You can find many dogs out there that are abused or abandoned by humans that adopt them. The poor puppy in this story experienced the same. He was mistreated by his old owner.

Chowder is the name of the poor pup. A resident named Donna spotted him hiding among a junk pile, so he called the Stray Rescue of St. Louis for help. When the rescuers approached him, Chowder was a bit nervous. There were some kind people that came to help him.

Not just that, Chowder got wounds on his face. “He’s just a little puppy! His eyes are messed up and he has puncture wounds on his face” Stray Rescue wrote on Facebook.

Chowder was probably used as a bait dog and bitten by a big dog. Luckily, he’s safe now. He is rescued, given proper medical treatment, and received tons of love.

The little dog knows how to express his feelings. He once melted the heart of people who saved him. When the rescuers brought him into the car, he buried his face in their arms, showing he was so relieved to be rescued.

“The thought of anyone treating him bad makes us so weepy. This angel needs us. We’re so grateful to the callers for taking action.” they said.

You can see the video of the touching moment here.

And this scene also touches the heart of Stray Rescue’s supporters and Internet users who see the photo. Love and kindness coming at the right time can save one’s life.

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