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Abandoned Dog Bravely Approaches Humans Looking For Help

There are many dogs out there that haven’t found a forever home yet. Some have been waiting for adoption while some are abandoned by their old owners. The latter could hurt the dog a lot. Bruno, the lonely and disoriented dogs in this story experienced the same. He was left alone by his owners for some unknown reasons. Keep scrolling!

One day when Lujan Videla and her boyfriend were walking near their home in Argentina, they spotted Bruno, standing alone on a street corner. He looked so alone and disoriented, Videla said.

They stopped and looked at the poor dog for a while. Noone appeared to take him home. This tightened Videla and her boyfriend inside. They also got some rescued dogs at home.

After a time, Bruno started to walk. He led the couple to the door of an apartment building. But all they saw is a simple sign posted on the door read: “Keep out the dog.”

They later found that Bruno had lived there with an older man. It is said that the man may have passed away, or was forced to move out suddenly.

Bruno was literally homeless. This fact hurt the good boy a lot. He kept entering the building even though he didn’t see his owner. He must have been desperate. The management even had made the sign so no one would let him in.

Luckily, Bruno got help and found his new forever home.

Videla and her boyfriend brought Bruno home. They also posted words about him, just in case Bruno’s owner or his family was trying to find him. But nothing happened. This must break his heart.

Although Videla and her boyfriend can’t offer a home for Bruno, they helped him find a happy family. “He was adopted by a very trustworthy person who lives across the street from where I live,” Videla said.

Bruno is now a smart and happy dog. The love and care of his rescuers and his now family have healed his heart. These are priceless gifts to him.

It’s worth mentioning that Bruno is a brave dog. He dares to approach humans to seek help when he really needs it. Do you agree?

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