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Sneaky Kitten Doesn’t Want Anyone To Know He Becomes Friends With A Dog

Meet Elma, the sneaky kitten who has a secret friendship with a dog named Emma. They are so close, but they just show their love to each other when no one is looking. Before becoming best friends, Elmo used to dislike Emma, so he often ran away and hid from her. But after all, they finally discovered just how much they love each other.

When Elmo’s moms first brought him home, he was just a scared tiny kitten. He wasn’t used to living with a big dog, so he loved to spend his days hiding and staying away from Emma. Even though his family loved him so much, Elmo was still timid and just loved to be alone.

Their moms really wanted their dog and cat to get along, but Elmo did not want to be friends. For this reason, when they realized that Elmo and Emma were secretly playing together, they couldn’t believe in their eyes. However, the two animals did everything secretly. It was like they didn’t want their moms to know their friendship.

However, their secret relationship couldn’t hide for too long as their love for each other was just too big to hide! Their perfect and cute bond captured everyone’s hearts. Elmo never wants to leave Emma’s side, and Emma is just so happy to have Elmo as a friend who loves being chased, hugged, and loved. What a great friendship!

Watch the video below to see the full story:

Special thanks to Karen and Tina for sharing this sweet story with the world. If you love Emma and Elmo, you can keep up with them on Instagram!

What do you think about Elmo and Emma’s friendship? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below! Feel free to share this story with your friends and family members!

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