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Pomeranian Does Not Agree To Be On Diet, Having A Strong Response To It

Many dogs have strong opinions about what they like and don’t like. They dare to raise their voice as they want to be treated fairly. The cute little Pomeranian in this story is a great example. She doesn’t agree with the diet that her owners give her and produces a strong response to it. And it turns out to be adorable and hilarious, too.

A Thai woman named Janeiza gets an entire Pomeranian family. Janeiza tried “putting” one of her pups on a diet by offering the cutie a smaller-than-usual lunch portion. To note the reaction of the pup toward the diet, she took out her phone and recorded it. And, as you can see, the adorable little guy wasn’t happy about it.

After sharing on her TikTok, this video went so viral with over 19 million views till this post. People fall in love with the adorable reaction of the pup toward her diet meal. If you are looking for hilarious videos of the dogs, you should give this a look.

If your dogs are overweight, you may offer them a diet. “If the spine and ribs are difficult to feel, the dog is overweight,” David Gonsky, the medical director of West Loop Veterinary Care in Chicago, said. And make sure that you reduce your dog’s meals even more over a few days, so your dog can get used to it.

And exercises should never be missed in a weight-loss program. You can take your dogs for an extra walk or a game of fetch. Toss around balls, frisbees, employ squeaky toys, and other dog toys also work in this case. These furry guys are excited about getting around, and this also helps them lose weight.

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