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Become A Mother And What Actually Happens, Showing In 30 Photos

16. “Care for and protect my baby whenever we go.”

17. “Don’t worry, baby. I’m always here with you, giving you cuddles and comfort.”

18. “The children are all full now. They are sleeping soundly.”

19. “Teach my kid how to swim in the river. Always follow her steps.”

20. “Don’t scare, my baby. Everything is gonna be ok.”

21. “This is when I can spend time for myself. Just do it before my children wake up”.

22. Who doesn’t fall in love with this furry family?

23. “It’s always happy when spending time with my children. Get a lot of fun and happiness together.”

24. The safest place to hide!

25. Watch out for the babies when they’re sleeping.

26. Get fun in the water together!

27. “Always get sound sleep next to my mom. The safest place in the world is here.”

28. “The children snuggle up on me and take a sound sleep. Proud to be a mom.”

29. Hug my baby tightly and take a nap. The most peaceful moment of the day!

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