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Dog Can’t Wait To Touch Portrait Of His Brother Who Passed Away

Time flies, we grow up and get old. Till one day, we will say goodbye to this world. But that isn’t for an end. We still live in the mind of our family and friends.

Frank, the dog in this story is a sweet, affectionate dog. He always loves his brother who passed away. When seeing his portrait hung on the wall, he can’t wait to come closer to touch it.

Frank has an older brother named Smiff who passed away last month. The two siblings grow up together and create an inseparable bond. The missing of Smiff is a big loss to him.

But the gone dog is not forgotten. His owner Libby Davey decides to hang a painting of Frank in her home. It’s meaningful. She and Frank still have Smiff in their family.

As you can see in the video, Frank gets so excited when seeing his brother’s portrait. He stares at it for a while then can’t wait to come closer to touch it.

It’s such a touching reaction. Dogs also have affections. And they never hide them.

You can watch touching moments here.

“I think Frank knows that’s a painting of his brother,” Davey wrote.

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