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20 Hilarious Photos Of Pets Getting Jealous Of Their Siblings

If you get a pet only, it will be quite easy to raise and care for him. You can do whatever you want for him. No one gets jealous. But when you adopt the second animal, make sure that “everything is shared and shared alike in your family. Unless your pets will get jealous of the other. Why you cuddle him but not me? Why you also take this new furry guy for a walk? Why you take photos with him only? You will deal with a lot of situations like these. And of course, they will bring your family a lot of fun!

Here are 20 hilarious photos of pets getting jealous of their sibling. Looking at their face and you will burst out laughing immediately. Everyone can definitely read three words “I am jealous” from their facial expression. Even when you try to ignore it or act seriously, these pets still make you fall in love with. Jealousy at these unexpected moments is not ugly at all. It just proves that your pets also have jealousy and you should give them fair treatment. Let’s scroll down to see!

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#1 “She is jealous of me when I pet her brother.”

#2 “My wife’s dog is jealously guarding her while she sleeps.”

#3 “He gets jealous when I take our new dog for a walk.”

#4 “Leave my mommy alone.”

#5 Jealous of missing out on all the attention the rescued cat now receives

#6 Jealously watching the cat get more of his owner’s free time

#7 They are not ok with me taking only the dog for a walk.

#8 Even taking a picture can bring up jealousy.

#9 His jealousy is reaching its highest levels, he won’t let his owner close the bathroom door.

#10 Just a bit jealous of his new tiny owner.

#11 Hugging only his brother is not a good idea.

#12 Jealously telling his owner that he wants a bath too.

#13 He gets like this when his owner gives his attention to the cat.

#14 Jealous of his little owner’s special seat

#15 “I am not very into my new little owner.”

#16 My dog showing my girlfriend that I am his…

#17 His mom is not giving him snuggles… and he is not so happy about it.

#18 “Jealously guarding his horde of yarn.”

#19 The 4 stages of jealousy

#20 Missing out on the kisses

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