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20+ Awesome Photos Of Black Animals That Will Enchant Everyone

It’s poor to say that black animals are often the last to get adopted in shelters. There is a lot of prejudice against them. Their fur and skin are black, making them look cooler and less adorable (their appearance) than other animals of the same breed. But the fact is these black animals were born to be different. They just shine in the way they were supposed to be. These black furry friends look trustful, making them great companions and loyal security guards. If you are itching to black color, these black guys will be cute members of your family.

With that mind, pet photographer Chantal Levesque carried out a photographic Journey of black adopted animals named Chasing Shadows. She snapped 22 awesome pictures of black animals to show the world how cool black animals are. Amazingly beautiful, funny, talented black beauties. Their look may scare you at the first met but they are still cute, friendly, affectionate, and smart like many other animals out there. Let’s scroll down to enjoy!

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1. Lewis And Felix – Brothers From Another Mother

2. Shadow The Dancing Queen

3. Lovely Clochette

4. Majestic Leila

5. Smiling Leyla

6. Ellie And Shiloh – Cutest Couple

7. Oochie The Sweetie

8. Athletic Loko

9. Unique Yoko

10. Mowgli Aka Mr Handsome Pants

11. Joyful Shadow

12. Matta And Husher – Dynamic Duo

13. Goofy Lexi

14. Louky The Princess

15. The Elegant Leyla

16. Curious Leila

17. Handsome Leo

18. Bruce The Cutie Pie

19. Shadow

20. Louky Explores

21. Precious Agathe

22. Arturo The Rockstar

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