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This Clingy Cat Always Begs For Cuddles And Hugs From His Dad

If you have pets, especially clingy pets, you have probably forgotten what personal space is. The truth is, they try to do everything they can to get your attention.

Meet Toulouse, a cute cat who is so clingy with his dad. He was adopted by his dad Tyler when he was 8 weeks old. The kitten loved his dad so much he wouldn’t leave his dad’s side.

“He is constantly wanting to be pet. When I’m in the car, he wants to be on my lap. He does still think he is this tiny little kitten, which is not the case. He’s little chunky now,” Tyler said.

He’s just so affectionate, and is constantly wanting to be touched. All things he needs is to get cuddles and hugs from his dad.

Watch the video below to see how clingy and affectionate Toulouse is:


If you love Toulouse, you can keep up with him on Instagram.

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