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Grumpy Cat Slowly Falls In Love With His Dog Brother

Do cats and dogs have an innate dislike of one another, and there is no way to change that? The answer is no. In fact, they can completely become best friends and form the special bonds that we cannot imagine.

cute cat and dog best friends

Meet Romeo the Himalayan Persian cat and his dog brother Casper the cute Samoyed!

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The two animals are now living with their beloved humans in New Zealand. Not only do they share a great friendship, but they also form a strong bond that no one can break.

cute cat and dog best friends

At first, Romeo was aloof and indifferent to Casper, but then he slowly became obsessed with his big brother.

cute cat and dog best friends

And of course, Casper also fell in love with his little brother. They love to do everything together, such as sleeping, eating, playing, and adventuring.

cute cat and dog best friends

Watch the video below to know how Casper and Romeo became best friends:

To update more pics and videos of Casper and Romeo, you can follow them on Instagram.

cute cat and dog best friends

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