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Kitten Finds A New Mom After Being Abandoned During A Rainstorm By His Mom

A tiny, soaking wet kitten was lying on muddy ground after a torrential rainstorm. He was so small, was covered in slugs, and looked like he was dead. We could hardly believe that people many people kept walking when they saw the kitten in destress. Thankfully, a kind guy named Robin Seplut stopped to save the poor kitten.

“His striped cat mother left the kitten during rain storm and didn’t want to take it back. I washed the kitten and carried to another cat. Now he has a new nice family,” Robin said.

Striped mother cat is very bad because the more she does not accept the kitten, but we are happy to know that this kind man stopped and opened his heart to him.

Just watch the adorable video below!!!

We appreciate the fact that the mother cat was so great to adopt a random kitten. Thank you for letting another feral cat taking care of the little one. God bless you, sir.

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