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30 Finalists Of The Mars Petcare Comedy Pet Photo Awards 2020, And They Look Absolutely Hilarious

16. ‘Living Trophy’ By Antonio Peregrino

17. ‘Isolated Dog’ By Ilana Rose

18. ‘Smile’ By Mehmet Aslan

19. ‘Super Happy Dog’ By Dean Pollard

20. ‘Ohhhhhhhhh’ By Dimpy Bhalotia

21. ‘Funny Horse’ By Peter Von Shnen

22. ‘Shocked Mastiff’ By Annett Mirsberger

23. ‘The Funny Amorgos Donkey’ By Boris Purmann

24. ‘Red Slippers? I Don’t Know Anything About Them’ By Teun Veldman

25. ‘Hold On Tight! We’re Running Late’ By Karen Hoglund

26. ‘Splash’ By Alice Van Kempen

27. ‘Blessed’ By Mateus De Oliveira

28. ‘Crazy Horse’ By Daniel Szumilas

29. ‘Buddy’s New Teeth!’ By Lianne Richards

30. ‘Poodle Chaos’ By Darren Hall

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