30 Finalists Of The Mars Petcare Comedy Pet Photo Awards 2020, And They Look Absolutely Hilarious

If you are looking for the best pics of animals of 2020, you’ve been at the right place. Recently, the Comedy Pet Photography Awards has announced its finalists for this year’s photo contest. 30 of the best pics were chosen from 2,000 entries from 81 countries around the world. And these are absolutely hilarious. Seeing them and the smile won’t stop on your mouth. Some even make you laugh out loud immediately. Those who are stressed and need a visual therapy to help them overcome, these are an excellent choice. Scroll down to verify our words!

The aim of the Comedy Pet Photography Awards is to honor the funniest photos of the pets captured by their owners. This not only gives us a more understanding of the pets but also helps us build a bond with them. Not just that, the contest raises awareness of homeless pets in the UK and raises money for its charity partner, Blue Cross.

More info: ComedyPetPhoto.com | Mars.com | BlueCross.org.uk

1. ‘Over Dramatic Cat’ By Iain Mcconnell

2. ‘Gossip Girls’ By Magdalena Strakova

3. ‘The Dancing Cat’ By Iain Mcconnell

4. ‘Guard Dog On Duty’ By Elke Vogelsang

5. ‘The Guilty Kitten’ By Iain Mcconnell

6. Look Mom – I Can Walk On Water’ By John Carelli

7. ‘That Moment You Realise You’ve Gone Through Half A Jar Of Snacks’ By Candice Sedighan

8. ‘Why Are You Upside Down Mum?’ By Malgorzata (Gosia) Russell

9. ‘There Goes Dinner’ By Beth Noble

10. ‘Squirrelll!!!’ By Elke Vogelsang

11. ‘Covert Cows’ By Heather Ross

12. ‘The Dancing Kitten’ By Iain Mcconnell

13. ‘Friends Don’t Let Friends Do Silly Things Alone’ By Kerstin Ordelt

14. ‘Saint Pauls Cap’ By Alex Class

15. ‘Drama Queen’ By Anne Lindner

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