18 Awkward Moments Of Celebrities And Their Fans That Will Make Them Refuse To "See You Again"

Seeing a famous person will make some fans’ day. And when these people get closer to who they adore, they want to do nothing but take a photo with the celebrity. It can happen when fans run into celebrities on the street, or at large events surrounded by many people. Whatever the situation, both fans and celebrities may face an awkward moment when neither of them is actually ready for a great photo.
Who knows? Fans understand that they don’t have many chances like that. So if celebrities don't mind (actually they do), let's make a glamorous photo so that fans can go around and show off the moment to their friends. Having said that, though, celebrities sometimes don't expect a stranger to come and ask for a selfie, especially when they're unwilling or unhappy to please their fans. They may be frightened by the crowd of their fans, or just feel too sleepy to have a selfie.
Below are some of the most awkward moments of celebrities and their fans. Let’s scroll down and enjoy!

#1 Adam Sandler

Awkward Moments Source: Reddit | therealmaxkessler

Considering the other photos on this list, this photo isn't that bad. Mostly, we're sure this fan wished Sandler had a more normal smile on his face.

#2 Peter Dinklage

Awkward Moments Source: Imgur | wolivernyc

The point here is one thing, and one thing only: Peter Dinklage, man, why can't you laugh?! Look how excited that guy is?! It's a tragedy.

#3 Samuel L. Jackson

Awkward Moments Source: Reddit | mobyrich

The person he took a selfie with looked very happy (why wouldn't he, he's taking a picture with Samuel L. Jackson). And Sam has a completely different view. He looked extremely confused.

#4 Hugh Grant

Awkward Moments Source: Facebook | Rock95

You could tell Hugh Grant didn't want to take this selfie. If we ignore his looks, his gaze says "don't take this picture. And if you do, please don't put it in any article on the internet."

#5 Tom Holland

Awkward Moments Source: Instagram | @tomholland

Poor Tom. He must have had a bad day off here because although his fans look delighted to see him, he doesn't seem to mind the whole thing.

#6 Morgan Freeman

Awkward Moments Source: Reddit | loosegravel2

The most awkward part of this photo is not the completely unimpressive face of Morgan Freeman. No, the fact is that his fans are drenched in sweat. Maybe that's why he made that face.

#7 Kanye West

Source: Twitter | relatablequote

Poor Kanye. It makes you wonder what was going on in his head when these two fans took a selfie with him. He looks very sad.

#8 Queen Elizabeth II

Awkward Moments Source: Instagram | @jaydetaylor

This is not a planned selfie and more of a pretty picture of the queen. You can hardly see her old British face through the wire, but it's there. Watching, and keep watching...

#9 Rihanna

Awkward Moments Source: Imgur

Yeah... RiRi doesn't seem to want to take pictures with this guy. It makes you wonder what she said to him after he took a selfie. "Uh... delete that, please?"

#10 Ryan Gosling

Source: Instagram | @sophiet

Does this count as fan interaction? She took this awkward selfie with Ryan Gosling in the background without him even knowing! I wonder if he ever found out.

#11 Bill Clinton

Source: Reddit | orochi

So we all know about Bill Clinton's history with women. Apparently, he's not trying to hide his wandering eyes even for fan photos.

#12 Bill Murray

Source: @filmbouff

Bill Murray has spent his life cultivating the image of a great comedian, someone who isn't afraid to say or do anything. Obviously that includes looking down at someone's shirt.

#13 Britney Spears

Awkward Moments Source: Reddit | wwwiener

So apparently, Britney and her team decided to have a no-touch policy for photos. But come on... her face?! It's really awkward!

#14 Nicolas Cage

Source: Reddit | wwwiener

This whole picture is confusing. Even the fans don't want to see Nick Cage! I need to know the backstory here.

#15 Iggy Pop

Awkward Moments Source: @newopenculture

Well, those kids weren't happy to see Iggy Pop. In a few years, they might become fond of the rock star, but for now, it's clear they can't stand him.

#16 Peter Andre

Awkward Moments Source: Reddit | degenproductions

Look at the way the operator pulls him along as if to say "Okay Peter, that's enough." What was this woman thinking in the first place?

#17 Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

Source: Reddit | wwwiener

There's just an oddity to this photo that draws me to it. Fans didn't seem to know what to do and The Rock seemed to think he was in a prom photo.

#18 Antonio Banderas

Source: Reddit | ThickCapital

Antonio looks very tired in this photo. If you see a celebrity walking out of the store looking so tired, it's probably best to leave them alone.
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