30 Hilarious Finalists Of The 2020 Mars Petcare Comedy Pet Photo Awards

#16 ‘Funny Horse’ By Peter Von Shnen

#17 ‘Isolated Dog’ By Ilana Rose

#18 ‘Smile’ By Mehmet Aslan

#19 ‘Living Trophy’ By Antonio Peregrino

#20 ‘Ohhhhhhhhh’ By Dimpy Bhalotia

#21 ‘Shocked Mastiff’ By Annett Mirsberger

#22 ‘Super Happy Dog’ By Dean Pollard

#23 ‘The Funny Amorgos Donkey’ By Boris Purmann

#24 ‘Red Slippers? I Don’t Know Anything About Them’ By Teun Veldman

#25 ‘Hold On Tight! We’re Running Late’ By Karen Hoglund

#26 ‘Poodle Chaos’ By Darren Hall

#27 ‘Crazy Horse’ By Daniel Szumilas

#28 ‘Splash’ By Alice Van Kempen

#29 ‘Blessed’ By Mateus De Oliveira

#30 ‘Buddy’s New Teeth!’ By Lianne Richards

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