30+ Hilarious Pics Of Pet Caught Red-Pawed When Stealing Food

#16 Doggo Steals A Pupperoni Pizza

#17 He Tried

#18 Busted, He Stood Silently

#19 Caught Redhanded

#20 Caught Yogi Red-Pawed Stealing From A Picnic Basket. Too Cute To Be Mad

#21 The Identity Of The Flour Thief Remains A Mystery. Investigations Continue

#22 We Caught Our Cat (Cookie) Red Handed Trying To Steal Our Cheese

#23 I Caught Her Red Handed. This Stinker Managed To Get Her Paws On A Croissant And Then Promptly Stuck It In My House Shoe

#24 So My Friend’s Cat Decided To Steal Some Chicken

#25 He Stole My Pretzel

#26 Cat Stole My Lunch

#27 So My Cat Stole My Toaster Strudel Out Of The Toaster Today And My Mom Took A Picture Before Prying It Out Of His Mouth

#28 High After The Vet, Caught Stealing French Fries

#29 I Was Distracted By The Baby When My Cat Knocked My Dinner Onto The Floor For My Dog To Steal. I Had Only Eaten One Bite

#30 My Dog Steals Bananas From The Counter All The Time. Only The Bananas, Never Eats Them Though

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