17 Subtle Details From Iconic Animated Films That Make So Much Sense

Disney has long maintained the status of being the “king of animation”, with movies that have not only brought in billions of dollars at the worldwide box office, but also scored a record number of Academy Awards. And that trend continues. So what makes Disney’s animation studios so well received?

Well, not to mention the animation techniques, the content is enough to lure audiences to theaters in droves to see new stories and sequels to franchise titles. The Little Mermaid or Frozen, for example, even though you might feel like you know these movies by heart, the truth is that they’re full of subtle details that you might have never noticed and the deeper implications behind them that you never thought of. So, today we’re going to share those small yet meaningful details you might have missed in Disney movies and you’ll be amazed at how much effort has gone into them. Keep reading for more details!

#1 Ralph Breaks the Internet

moana pictures, tangled dvdSource: © Ralph Breaks the Internet / Walt Disney Pictures,  © Big Hero 6 / Walt Disney Pictures

Commercials are shown once Ralph and Vanellope access the internet. From the film Big Hero 6, Cass Hamada may be seen on one of the posters.

#2 Lilo & Stitch

moana pictures, tangled dvdSource: © Lilo & Stitch / Walt Disney Pictures

Chris Sanders was the successful director of Mulan when he was hired to helm Lilo & Stitch. There are two Mulan Easter eggs in Lilo & Stitch, one of which is a poster in Nani’s room and the other of which is the name of the eatery, Mulan Wok.

#3 The Little Mermaid

moana pictures, tangled dvdSource: © The Little Mermaid / Walt Disney Pictures

Disney animators frequently make references to characters from previous Disney films. The Little Mermaid’s designers, though, took it a step further. Along with Goofy, Donald Duck, and Mickey Mouse, Kermit the Frog, one of the main characters from The Muppet Show, attended to watch Ariel and her sisters perform.

#4 Zootopia

moana pictures, tangled dvdSource: © Zootopia / Walt Disney Pictures

You may find alternate DVDs of Big Hero 6, Tangled, Wreck-It Ralph, Moana, and even Frozen II, which wasn’t available at the time, in Zootopia.

moana pictures, tangled dvdSource: © Zootopia / Walt Disney Pictures, © Frozen / Walt Disney Pictures

Additionally, the DVD seller is a fascinating character. The same actor who provided the voice for Duke of Weselton in the animated film Frozen provides the voice for Duke Weaselton. When you compare the names, Duke Weaselton and The Duke of Weselton, you can see how close they are.

moana pictures, tangled dvdSource: © Zootopia / Walt Disney Pictures, © Big Hero 6 / Walt Disney Pictures

Moreover, it’s clear that Chief Bogo enjoys Big Hero 6, or Pig Hero 6 in this universe. You may notice a calendar with the city of San Francisco in his workplace.

#5 Beauty and the Beast

moana pictures, tangled dvdSource: © Beauty and the Beast / Walt Disney Pictures

On his trip to the spooky castle of the Beast, it turns out that Belle’s father had other intriguing options to consider. The phrases “Valencia” and “Anaheim” are written on the signs Maurice is inspecting. Many Disney students attended the California Institute of the Arts in Valencia, which is a town in Southern California, and Disneyland is situated in Anaheim, another town in Southern California.

#6 Frozen

moana pictures, tangled dvdSource: © Frozen / Walt Disney Pictures

One of the things that draws attention to the conflicts between the sisters is the white lock in Anna’s hair. The girls start to drift apart right after Elsa inadvertently hurts Anna, it seems. But as the sisters overcome their challenges and rebuild their friendship, the lock vanishes at the conclusion of the tale.

#7 Frozen II

moana pictures, tangled dvdSource: © Frozen II / Walt Disney Pictures

Although there are details that indicate that this is the family’s last day of peace, the parents and daughters’ close connection can be seen at the beginning of the movie.

Anna whispers to Elsa that they will build a snowman before King Agnarr tells his daughters the tale of the Enchanted Forest. The first movie in the franchise uses this statement and the same outfit.

moana pictures, tangled dvdSource: © Frozen / Walt Disney Pictures© Dumbo / Walt Disney Pictures© Big Hero 6 / Walt Disney Pictures© Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs / Walt Disney Pictures

Elsa frequently used her powers to entertain her sister before the catastrophe. For instance, Elsa produced a large number of intriguing characters, including Dumbo, Baymax, Snow White, and Prince Charming.

#8 The Hunchback of Notre Dame

moana pictures, tangled dvdSource: © The Hunchback of Notre Dame / Walt Disney Pictures, © The Lion King / Walt Disney Pictures

The animators worked hard to highlight the gargoyles in order to convey the magnificence of Notre-Dame de Paris. Some of them made friends with the protagonist, while others were used as Easter eggs. Pumbaa from The Lion King appears in the scene where Quasimodo and Esmeralda attempt to flee from Frollo.

#9 Treasure Planet

moana pictures, tangled dvdSource: © Treasure Planet / Walt Disney Pictures, © Lilo & Stitch / Walt Disney Pictures

There are several clues regarding the characteristics of the key characters, impending plot points, and peculiar mysteries in their apartments. Jim Hawkins, for instance, has Stitch from Lilo & Stitch on his shelf.

#10 Tangled

Source: © Tangled / Walt Disney Pictures

Tangled’s animators also concealed little Easter eggs for viewers to locate. The girl sketched all over the area throughout the duration of her stay in the tower. But because they are allusions to other Disney princesses—the apple is for Snow White, the shoe is for Cinderella, the rose is for Belle, and the shell is for Ariel—her drawings on the stairs are particularly fascinating.

#11 Moana

Source: © Moana / Walt Disney Pictures, © Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP/East News

The voice actor for Maui, Dwayne Johnson, is also well-known as The Rock, a professional wrestler. This fact was used by the animation’s producers. Later, Maui is bit by the amusing Hei Hei rooster that was seen in one shot eating a rock.

Source: © Moana / Walt Disney Pictures, © Frozen / Walt Disney Pictures

When Moana decides to leave her island to preserve it, she only brings the essentials: food, dishes, and a piece of the snowman Olaf. She wished to be ready for any eventuality. What if she unexpectedly had a snowman to build?

Source: © Moana / Walt Disney Pictures,  © The Little Mermaid / Walt Disney Pictures© Aladdin / Walt Disney Pictures

Long after directing The Little Mermaid and Aladdin, the famous duo of Ron Clements and John Musker directed Moana. The fact that Moana makes allusions to both of these iconic movies is therefore not surprising. You may see Flounder, Ariel’s buddy, as Maui is performing his song. Aladdin’s lamp can be seen in Tamatoa’s treasure box.

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