17 Hilarious Desktop Wallpapers That Will Get You Back In The Work Mood

When it comes to desktop wallpapers, most of us will think of the original Windows desktop wallpaper: a photo depicting an idyllic green hill on a summer day. While it is absolutely gorgeous, it can get boring after a while. And since we stare at our computer screens for hours every day, why shouldn’t we entertain your eyes with a funny desktop background while we’re working? Let’s keep scrolling as we present some of the hilarious desktop wallpapers that will make you want to change yours into a funny wallpaper ASAP.

From giving Internet Explorer what everyone thinks it deserves to organizing shortcuts in a very neat manner, these interactive solutions are as genius as they are funny. Even better, these hilarious desktop wallpapers will be an icebreaker when someone passes by your computer. Pretty handy, right?

So throw out your ordinary flower and nature pictures on your desktop and dive right into our collection of the most creative and humorous wallpapers that will inspire you to try something new. Enjoy!

#1. When Explorer Is Terrifying:

Source: Wertson

#2. Minimalism:

Source: reddit

#3. Use Da Force!!!

Source: reddit

#4. Choose Wisely

Source: cluebees

#5. How To Organize Your Desktop Like A Boss

Source: imgur

#6. I See They’re Using Windows…

Source: supreme_meow

#7. Look! It’s STUFF!

Source: imgur


Source: Unknown

#9. Trippy

Source: imgur

#10. Internet explorer tends to be like shit, I agree.

Source: Unknown

#11. “My Boss Is A 60+ Year Old Man And This Is His Desktop”

Source: PriestTJB

#12. “I Got Sick Of Looking At My Desktop, So Now I Look Through It”

Source: prc41

#13. RUN!!!

Source: Unknown

#14. Organization Skills: Level 90

Source: imgur

#15. Durden Knows What’s Important.

Source: imgur

#16. Three-pointer!

Source: imgur

#17. And That’s How You Arrange 4 Monitors:

Source: imgur

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