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Cat Loves Sleeping In Backpack So Much That Her Owners Made A Warning Sign

Cats love backpacks because they are filled with your scent. If you leave your bag and backpack on the floor long enough, you will soon see the cat come up and lay on.

The cat named Willow in this post is crazy with backpacks and bags as well. She loves sleeping in them so much that his family made a warning sign to make sure everyone in the house knew and avoided stepping on her.

Willow wandered into a barber shop next to Andrew Zutty’s house two years ago. The cat was so poor, so Zutty decided to foster her until he could find her a forever home. After living with the cat, the family fell in love with her, so they decided to adopt her.

“We were planning on keeping her until we could find her a home, but honestly, it’s one look into her eyes and you’re done,” Zutty told The Dodo.

Not long after adopting her, Willow’s family realized that she loves sleeping and hiding. She will find sneaky hiding spots where she can nap all day. Due to being small, she can hide and sleep in anyplace she wants. This means the possibilities for potential hiding spots are endless.

“You’ll often be surprised to find her stuffed inside various things around the house,” Zutty said. “Her favorite spots are the deep dark places. Under the covers, inside suitcases, and apparently now my old backpack.”

When Willow found an old backpack lying on the floor, she went inside and decided it was her new favorite sleeping and hiding spot. She now spends most of her day napping and relaxing inside it.

“My roommate smartly realized that this was a recipe for disaster,” Zutty said. “She’s so small that it really just looks like an empty backpack, lying flat on the ground. So he wrote up a great little sign to make sure everyone in the house knew when it was currently occupied.”

Zutty’s roommate was worried that someone might step on the backpack accidentally while Willow was sleeping inside. But instead of moving Willow and her backpack to other places, he wrote a sign “Cat inside, do not step” and placed on the backpack.

Now, Willow can happily and safety sleep in the backpack anytime she wants thanks to the perfect solution.

You can watch the video of Willow here:

“I’m sure it will continue to come in handy as Willow finds more hiding spots around the house,” Zutty said.

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