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10+ Animals Who Are So Cute That We Want To Hug Them Immediately

11. “Adopted this guy a week ago. He was scared of everything but decided to trust me. 4 days later, and he’s a very good boy with his very first squeaky toy.”

12. “Every day of our vacation our house sitter couldn’t find her. This is 3 seconds after we got home.”

13. Ready for a ride!

14. Deep sleep

15. “He’s a little shorter than what his Tinder profile said but at least he dressed up for tonight!”

16. What a small baby!

17. Not only cats are cute.

18. “I know you’re helping me.”

19. When you feel safe next to your human:

20. “This is my sweet little old lady. She has some joint pain and takes pain meds daily. We found that letting her soak in warm water helps her a ton!”

21. “It stopped raining but he wanted to jump in puddles so he wore his raincoat anyway.”

22. Those paws…

23. “My cat looks like he just told his favorite joke and he’s so proud of himself.”

We believe that each pet is awesome and deserves a lot of hugs. If you have pets, please show us your 4-legged friends in the comments below. Please share this post with your friends and family members to make their day better!

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