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4-Year-old Girl Yells ‘Black Lives Matter’ At Woman in Home Depot And Now They Become Best Friends

Your kids are little angles that God gives you. They teach us a lot about love, sharing, happiness, and compassion. Their small actions can melt our hearts and sometimes change our life. The story below about a 4-year-old girl will make your day and of course, let you think more about racial discrimination that still exists somewhere in our society.

The four-year-old girl Camryn Radcliff has built a blossoming friendship with a stranger she saw in Home Depot after yelling “Black Lives Matter” at her.

When Sherri Gonzales was going shopping in Commerce City, Colorado, she was stunned to overhear a four-year-old girl yell “Black Lives Matter” – the name of a movement that was chanted all over the world earlier this year.

That little girl was Camryn Radcliff. She and her mom, Cassi were also shopping at that store. She wasn’t sure how that black woman would react when having ‘Black Lives Matter’ shouted at them.

However, Sherri looked over at little Camryn and said: “Thank you so much for saying that and for recognizing that my life matters.”

Sherri then shared her story on Instagram. She wrote: “Today I was at HomeDepot shopping for flowers. I saw this woman and her beautiful daughter come in out the corner of my eye. After I past them, Kamie, is her name. She yelled, ‘Black Lives Matter’.

“I turned around looking for her and told her THANK YOU, WITH TEARS IN MY EYES.”

Sherri continued: “Today was a good day. THE YOUTH IS GOING TO CHANGE THE WORLD”.

Speaking to Denver-based news station KCNC, Sherri said: “She said it with strength, like she was making a point.”

Sherri and little Camryn posed for a photo together (with little Camryn sat in the front of her mom’s shopping cart). After that, the little girl even invited Sherri over for a sleepover.

After having the heartwarming exchange, the group exchanged numbers and ended up having a friend.

Since then, Camryn and Cassi have met up with Sherri to hold a garage sale – to raise money for Gonzales’ organization, Sherri’s Girls Empowerment International, which is dedicated to helping with “reusable goods donations, youth programs, and other volunteering opportunities.”

Over just two days, the new best buddies raised over $2000 for the organization. That money will now be used to help send girls in Kenya to school.

Speaking to KCNC, Sherri revealed that all of this money has now been raised “because a sweet little 4-year-old recognized that my life matters.”

As well as Sherri’s son, D.J. Williams, being a former linebacker for the NFL team, Camryn also dreams of one day becoming a cheerleader for them when she grows up.

This bond and their inspiring story is proof that if you put some good out into the world, good things happen.

And please keep in mind that you will never too old – or young – to make a new friend.

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