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Cute Little Boy Makes A New Friend On The Beach

Kids are little angels. They are the bestest gift that God gives us. We can learn a lot about love, share and compassion from them. Their small actions can definitely melt our hearts, making this world more adorable. That’s why parenting is challenging yet rewarding. We raise our kids and they also teach us inspiring lessons. The story below is also worth reading. You will fall in love with these buddies.

When my daughter and I was taking a sunset walk on Myrtle Beach, this adorable and sweet little boy came walking right up to her. He shared with her the shark tooth around his neck with his excitement. He told my daughter his name and asked her name to which she told him. They parted ways while saying goodbye, walking in the opposite direction.

But few minutes later, he came running back, in what seemed to be in slow motion, yelling out my daughter’s name. She immediately turned around and was greeted by his smile. So they again shared a few words, mainly about his super cool shark’s tooth that apparently gave him powers .

I just couldn’t stop thinking of how beautiful this is and so sweet, pure innocent of hearts.

Before they walked, talked and raced, I asked his mother for permission to let them take a picture together. And, this was the result. So beautiful. No one positioned them, told them to smile and there was absolutely no hesitation on their part at all. When we finished walking and it was time to go they hugged for a long time and exchanged about 20 “goodbyes”.

This is a moment that we humans understand as just simply seeing no color lines, no judgement, no race, no hate, no shades. This world would be a much better place if we acted like these two kids. Stay kind and there is love around us!

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