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Puppies Are Born Little Angels, Proving Through 30 Photos

16. “I’m a bit nervous about the first training, bro. Will I perform well?”

17. “You can do everything you want, baby. This is just a kind of kiss.”

18. “Do I look like a Teddy Bear?”

19. “Fall is already here. Why don’t you get out and have some fun?

20. “You say you love me? I love you, too.”

21. “I just prefer sleeping than eating.”

22. “Sleep soundly next to my mom. The happiest time with the most beloved person.”

23. When you are out for a walk and your pet can’t stand taking a nap.

24. “We’ve been playing happily all day, mom.”

25. “I just find my new bed.”

26. Happy time, happy family.

27. “Ready to join my dad on the first task.”

28. “You haven’t got home yet. It’s too dark outside.”

29. “You are saying what? My facial expression? Is there anything wrong with it?”

30. “I’m hungry, mom.”

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