Stray Cat Transforms Into An Entirely Different Cat Just 2 Months After Adoption

It’s heartbreaking to read stories of stray animals being dumped on the streets and have to survive in terrible conditions. But thankfully, there are many kind people out there who are willing to help them and give them a home, where they completely transform and blossom. That’s the story of a stray cat named Dinah, who once was abandoned at streets, but now lives in a loving home.

In July 2019, a kind girl named Molly Sotak noticed Dinah, who was in very bad shape, trying to survive by herself in the streets of LA. Dinah was very sick and needed a vet, so Molly contacted the Stray Cat Alliance and they agreed to care for the kitten.

He had significant health issues and needed a vet.

“She was like skin and bones. I think I was keeping a tab on her for probably about four or five days before I was actually able to catch her,” Molly told The Dodo.

The volunteers rushed to pick Dinah and took him to the vet.

“Well, the black on her face is fleas and flea dirt! Her whole body is infested with fleas. She is emaciated, dehydrated, has a severe upper respiratory infection and painful ulcers on her tongue, which are consistent with calicivirus. Between the congestion and ulcers, no wonder she can’t eat. She is now getting flea meds, antibiotics, and IV fluids,” wrote Stray Cat Alliance on their Instagram about Dinah’s medical condition.

Thankfully, the kitten quickly healed and found a loving family. Her new owner, Rebecca Schneider adopted her and gave her a new beginning. Now Dinah is a happy and a healthy cat who loves cuddling and playing. We are happy to know that he is enjoying a pampered life that he deserves.

Now Dinah is a brave and confident cat!

“She is a fluffy little clown, she always has us laughing. She loves to play and follow us all around the house. She likes to ‘help out’ with chores like making the bed and loading the dishwasher. She likes watching TV with us and overall just wants to be a part of whatever is going on.”

If you love Dinah, you can follow him on Instagram to update his cute pics and videos!

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