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This Cute Puppy Always Finds The Perfect Napping Spot In The Sun To Nap

As dog owners, we know that dogs love laying out in the sun. The warmth of the sun feels nice on their skin and helps them feel good and comfortable. That’s the reason why they love going outside to sunbathe and enjoy fresh air.

However, one cute dog is proving that you don’t need to leave your house to enjoy the sunlight, all things you need is to find the right spot in the house.

Dogs always want to sleep in the sun

Meet Nellie, a four-month-old mini daschund who lives her happy life with her owner Freddy Masters. This pup loves sleeping and sunbathing so much that she’ll sleep anywhere as long as its in the sunlight.

“She’s teething so she’s a gorgeous, sleepy, sun-loving puppy half the time,” Freddy Masters, Nellie’s dad, told The Dodo. “And a land shark the other half.”

Dogs always want to sleep in the sun

That’s the reason why she often finds the perfect spots in the sun and take full advantage of the sun to take a nap.

“She lies in any spot of sun that she finds,” Masters said. “The other day there was a patch of sun on the wall, and I caught her resting her head up against the wall.”

Dogs always want to sleep in the sun

Recently, Freddy shared a photo of Nellie laying perfectly in a ray of sunlight coming from the window. That perfect photo quickly went viral online on Reddit, and everyone was impressed by how the puppy took advantage of every inch of sunlight.

“I was on a work Zoom call when I saw her lying perfectly in that spot,” Masters said. “I had to carefully pretend to still be listening while capturing it. It only lined up like that for about five minutes so I’m glad I acted fast!”

Dogs always want to sleep in the sun

Nellie is living her best life. Keep basking in the sunlight, Nellie! If you love Nellie and her unique sleeping positions, you can follow her on Instagram.

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