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20+ Photos Of Uninvited Guests That Anyone Would Love To Keep

10. “A hedgehog came and scared my cats. Now he’s eating.”

11. “So I think we’re done with the bird feeder until next winter…”

12. “A surprise guest showed up when our wedding photographer took this picture of my wife’s ring”

13. “I saw an abandoned doghouse and saw tracks leading to it. When we decided to check, we found this.”

14. “So we were eating dinner when an unexpected guest showed up at our screen door.”

15. “He came to the terrace and couldn’t find a way out. We decided to give him some milk. He drank 2 bowls.”

16. “I woke up to a squeaking sound, I went outside to check, and I found this thing, yelling.”

17. “This cat canceled our lesson today.”

18. “Snuck into our office and didn’t change colors…”

19. “Found him on the balcony this morning. Let him in. He started walking around the table and lying down on everything. Then, he yawned and decided to take a nap.”

20. “2 feral cats snuck into our guest bedroom and had 11 kittens.”

21. “My wife and I with some of our uninvited, but very welcome, wedding guests…”

22. “I was surprised by an unexpected guest on my flight.”

23. “A stray cat has been coming around since we keep a food bowl on our back porch. Today, she brought some guests with her…”

24. In case you didn’t know what a baby praying mantis looks like, here is a photo.

Have you ever been surprised by uninvited guests? Please share your stories and photos with us in the comments below!


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