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20+ Dogs That Find It Hard To “Truly” Get Along Well With Other Pups

It’s ok when you’re the only pup in your family. You receive all cuddles, love, and care. But when your parents adopt another pup, the story totally changes. Some may soon get accustomed to the younger brother (or sister) and get along well with him or her. Meanwhile, some find it hard to befriend the new family member. They haven’t accepted the truth that they have a sibling. And, this situation surely brings the family a lot of fun.

And here are 25 dogs that find it hard to “truly” get along well with other pups. They get jealous of or irritated with their friends. If the new family members are quirky, sassy, or mischievous, this probably happens. But after a long time, it becomes the common way that these pets live together. They have their own kind of logic, so they may see it the harmony. If you are looking for hilarious pics of the dogs, just give these a look. Let’s get started!

1. “Nothing to say with this guy. He doesn’t cooperate when we take a photo together”.

2. “What do you wanna do? Don’t annoy me!”

3. “These aggressive guys are driving me crazy. How could I get along well with them? Let me stay safe is enough”.

4. “Look at his eyes. He gets annoyed with his sibling”.

5. “So annoyed with this guy. He is the master of spoiling the game. Who can help me drag him out?”

6. “So so annoyed. Can you behave normally for just a while? This house has become a mess since you came, broth.”

7. “Your favorite sitting posture? It really gets me mad helplessly.”

8. “You’re not fair. You just love brother, not me.”

9. “The privilege of a younger brother. It can get his big brother annoyed sometimes.”

10. “Hi, I’m sitting on my new chair and it’s comfortable”.

11. Helpless face when watching out younger brother.

12. “Lucky you. Today is Saturday, otherwise, we’re gonna have a fight.”

13. “Don’t take my view!”

14. “We explore the new place together. Although it’s quite small, it fits two of us.”

15. “You’re biting me? Is there anyone to drag this guy out of me? I’m annoyed.”

16. It’s fair to annoy each other.

17. “I just wanna say it’s enough. This furry guy really annoys me but you keep watching us and laughing.”

18. A fight between the two is gonna start!

19. Helpless face when his sibling sits over his head. It’s not always good to have a dog friend.

20. “This bed doesn’t fit me!”

21. “His touch makes me scared. What is this kind of creature? I’m not ready to welcome him home.”

22. “You’re getting me mad. Get out of here. Immediately”.

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