15 Times People Encounter Their Cartoon Doppelgangers In Real Life

These pictures of real individuals that seem like they walked out of a cartoon are incontrovertible proof that cartoon characters are real and live among us. The possibility exists that these are actual people who only have the same appearance as cartoons, but it’s also likely that there’s more to the tale than that.

With all the technological developments happening in the current world, is it ridiculous to think that the characters from your favorite cartoon TV shows and animation films have figured out a way to cross over into our realm?

Take a look at these pictures of actual people dressed up as cartoon characters, and then form your own opinion. And if you happen to shake hands with someone in public who looks like a cartoon character, make sure to blink very rapidly three times. Until then.

1. No Doubt Though

2. Intentional!!!

3. I’m Sorry, But…

4. Sincerely

5. Dude! C’on!

6. Handsome though

7. I’m Sorry P2

8. Accurately!

9. Nerdyyy

10. Sorry Nicki!

11. Ta Daaa

12. Siuuuuuuu

13. Never Doubted!

14. The Filipino

15. Wait Me Granddaddd

16. Looks Scary A bit Though!

17. Was Inspired By This Guy, I Bet!

18. Say Hi!