15 Movies Where Directors Tried To Pay Attention To Every Detail But Still Made Mistakes

Often, every movie takes several months, or maybe even years (for massive projects), to complete. From pre-production to post-production, there are many aspects of filmmaking that viewers are not exposed to. However, what matters is what the final product looks like and how it is received. And the fact is that movies go through countless rounds of edits and pass through numerous hands before getting released to the public. Even the most meticulous preparations, however, cannot always save a film from its share of blunders and errors, much to the delight (or chagrin) of observant viewers.
From shows like The Matrix to famous films like Titanic and Notting Hill, plenty of errors have slipped through the cracks—and these are some of the most unbelievable. Curious to know what they are? What are you waiting for? Scroll down for more details!

#1 The Other Boleyn Girl

Source: © Unknown artist, English / Wikimedia Commons,  © Public domain© The Other Boleyn Girl / Columbia Pictures and co-producers

Natalie Portman, who plays Anne Boleyn, displays various kinds of French headdresses throughout the movie. In the 16th century, they gained acceptance in England and even took the place of the country's traditional headpiece. However, the costume designers committed a slight error in one moment of the movie by forgetting to comb the heroine's hair back, which is absolutely against the rules of donning the French headpiece. Of course, most viewers missed the blunder, but fashion historians weren't happy.

#2 Moulin Rouge!

Source: © Moulin Rouge! / 20th Century Fox, © Moulin Rouge! / 20th Century Fox 

In one scene, Nicole Kidman's dress briefly switches from thin straps to wide straps.

#3 The Graduate

Source: © The Graduate / Lawrence Truman Productions

According to the story, the movie's protagonist travels to Berkeley, which is a city on the San Francisco Bay's eastern shore. Yet, the observer can see Dustin Hoffman's persona traveling in the opposite way while driving on the bridge's upper deck.

#4 Ocean’s Eleven

Source: © Ocean's Eleven / Warner Bros.,  © Ocean's Eleven / Warner Bros.

Even though Brad Pitt is known for having an insatiable appetite, the actor hardly had time to devour two separate dishes during a brief scene.

#5 Alexander

Source: © Alexander / Warner Bros.ers,  © Alexander / Warner Bros.

We see the Alexandria lighthouse in action in the background while the elderly Ptolemy I Soter speaks about Alexander at the opening of the movie. The truth is that it wasn't built until Ptolemy II Philadelphus' reign, which began after the death of Ptolemy I.

#6 Notting Hill

Source: © Notting Hill / Polygram Filmed Entertainment

When the main character and Julia Roberts' character meet, the main character glances up, and the entire film crew is visible in the sunglasses' reflection.

#7 Titanic

Source: © Titanic / Twentieth Century Fox and co-producers, © Titanic / Twentieth Century Fox and co-producers

The ocean's water is not clean because of the enormous amount of organic trash there. Nonetheless, it is demonstrated in the movie to be very clear.

#8 Back to the Future

Source: © Back to the Future / Universal Pictures and co-producers

The main character plays a 1958-produced Gibson ES-345 guitar on the stage of his parents' prom, which took place in 1955. How Marty obtained this three years before it was made available is not even explained by the fact that he traveled to the past.

#9 Spotlight

Source: © Spotlight / Participant and co-producers

The journalist takes notes throughout the entire scene of the meeting with the victim of a crime, but not a single word is recorded in the notebook.

#10 Pearl Harbor

Source: © Pearl Harbor / Touchstone Pictures, © Pearl Harbor / Touchstone Pictures© Pearl Harbor / Touchstone Pictures

Kate Beckinsale's character departs during the dinner scene, leaving her handkerchief behind. The issue is that the handkerchief was missing from the table when she left; it suddenly reappeared a short time later.

#11 Pulp Fiction

Source: © Pulp Fiction / Miramax and co-producers, © Pulp Fiction / Miramax and co-producers

The watch displays a specific time as Christopher Walken's character is remembering it, but as soon as the camera gets close to the dial, we notice that the watch's hands are set in an entirely different location.

#12 Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Source: © Once Upon a Time in Hollywood / Columbia Pictures

The majority of the movie's characters wear anti-reflective eyewear. But, anti-reflective coating didn't have the best reputation when it first became widely utilized in the 1980s. Those glasses were not appropriate for Sharon Tate in 1969.

#13 Frida

Source: © Frida / Handprint Entertainment, © Frida / Frida / Handprint Entertainment

We witness a bunch of men transporting the bedridden Frida at the start of the movie. Her earrings, which betray a behind-the-scenes secret, drop treacherously downward as she lies down and looks into a large mirror over her head. Salma Hayek is not lying down as she was in the preceding photo; instead, she is upright.

#14 The Matrix

Source: © The Matrix / Warner Bros.

In the doorknob's reflection, the camera can be seen clearly. The filmmakers tried their best to cover it up, even attempting to use a jacket. Yet this did not make things better, and watchful observers picked up on the error.

#15 Marie Antoinette

Source: © Marie Antoinette / Columbia Pictures and co-producers

On the head of the son of the queen, you can clearly detect hair extensions.
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