15 Most Gorgeous, Extravagant Movie Weddings That Come Straight Out Of Your Wildest Dreams

Have you ever imagined yourself having a luxurious wedding? Perhaps, you've envisioned walking down the aisle in a magnificent gown, in a breathtaking venue, holding expensive bouquets. Chances are, you and I, as normal folks, can never afford such things IRL! But hey, at least we can see our dreams come true on the big screen. And your wishful thinking didn’t hurt!
Our favorite movies are full of stunning wedding scenes. Beside being emotional and touching, some movie weddings truly capture the over-the-top luxury that makes you swoon - and wonder how much it all costs. So, what are the key ingredients for the perfect movie wedding scene? A glamorous venue and a gorgeous dress certainly help, but there's a certain je ne sais quoi that makes a wedding truly unforgettable: a runaway bride, a castle as the venue, or even a bit of wacky planning.
Today, let’s check out the prettiest, most extravagant weddings in your favorite movies below. Don’t forget to get your Pinterest board ready, as you’ll definitely want to put some pins on it!

#1 Father of the Bride

Source: © Buena Vista Pictures / Courtesy Everett Collection

Want a feel-good movie to watch? Always choose "Father of the Bride." The wedding scene is beautiful, touching, and incredibly ornate.

#2 Bride Wars

Source: Courtesy Everett Collection

"Bride Wars" features Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson as best friends who turn into rivals when their dream weddings are scheduled for the same day. We love the red rose theme in Hathaway's wedding, but the elegant golden and emerald theme in Hudson's is even better.

#3 The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement

Source: © Buena Vista Pictures / Courtesy Everett Collection

"The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement" had a charming, rustic wedding atmosphere that we adored. especially the bride's gown, wow! But the scene that truly stole our hearts was when Mia declared that she didn't need a man to become queen.

#4 Sex And The City (2008)

Source: © New Line Cinema / Courtesy Everett Collection

We can't forget one of our favorite scenes from "Sex and the City (2008)" (before everything fell apart): Carrie's wedding. The extravagant ceremony had everything you could desire, including designer dresses, a legendary venue, and unique floral arrangements.

#5 Beauty and the Beast

Source: © Disney

The 2017 live-action version of "Beauty and the Beast" was a true fairytale, and the wedding scene was a dream come true. The intricate choreography, exquisite details, and Belle's unforgettable dress made it one of the most underrated wedding scenes in movie history.

#6 My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Source: © IFC Films / Courtesy Everett Collection

"My Big Fat Greek Wedding" is a classic when it comes to wedding movies. The 2002 film depicts the struggles of a Greek woman and her non-Greek partner trying to get her family to accept him. The whole movie revolves around their grand Greek wedding, which still inspires us and tops our Pinterest wedding board.

#7 Crazy Rich Asians

Source: © Warner Bros.

"Crazy Rich Asians" features Constance Wu and Henry Golding, with Wu's character meeting her boyfriend's incredibly wealthy family. The wedding scene is one of our favorites and is truly unique.

#8 My Best Friend’s Wedding

Source: © TriStar Pictures / Courtesy Everett Collection

"My Best Friend's Wedding" boasts one of the most iconic and lavish wedding scenes of all time. From the flurry of rice being thrown to the hundreds of guests and the fireworks send-off, this rom-com sets the standard.

#9 Melancholia

Source: © Magnolia Films / Courtesy Everett Collection

In "Melancholia," the wedding is the epitome of opulence, but it's not one we'd want to attend. Kirsten Dunst and Alexander Skarsgård's characters celebrate their day in a literal castle in this sci-fi film, but the joyous occasion is overshadowed by the looming threat of a planet colliding with Earth.

#10 Ready or Not

Source: Eric Zachanowich / Courtesy Everett Collection

"Ready or Not" is a truly unique horror film. The newlyweds exchange vows in front of the groom's family estate, and then the bride has to play a game to be initiated. Despite the gore, we love the simple outdoor wedding.

#11 Coming to America

Source: © Paramount / Courtesy Everett Collection

Who didn't want Shari Headley's pink ball gown from "Coming to America"? A royal wedding with a pink dress? It's no wonder this movie wedding is one of the best.

#12 Scarface

Source: © Universal / Courtesy Everett Collection

Mobster movies are famous for their violence and luxurious wedding scenes, and "Scarface" delivers both. The 1980s attire is still a dream, and we're tempted to recreate it ourselves.

#13 Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1

Source: © Universal / Courtesy Everett Collection

Although Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1 may not be everyone's favorite film in the franchise, the wedding scene is unforgettable. Despite the awkward tension, the outdoor setting with flowers and trees creates a charming cottagecore atmosphere.

#14 Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde

Source: MGM / Courtesy Everett Collection

Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde ends with a beautiful wedding ceremony between Elle Woods and Emmett. After the vows, the couple has a romantic run under a flower-filled pergola outside. Truly stunning.

#15 About Time

Source: © Universal / Courtesy Everett Collection

About Time features a colorful and rustic wedding scene that we can't get enough of. Rachel McAdams' red gown is simply swoon-worthy, and the intimate storm scene adds a touch of drama.
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