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15 Hillarious Movie Mistakes That Will Make You Rolling On The Floor

Films have to go through many rounds of editing and checking for errors before they hit theaters. However, the filmmakers are only humans, and humans make mistakes. Every once in a while, some movie mistakes bypassed the system and made it into the final versions.

However, not all flaws are entirely bad. We mostly won’t tolerate errors, but these movie mistakes get a pass. We can’t stay mad at them. They’re just too hilarious! You can’t be angry at something funny, and these errors will definitely make you laugh. They’re very subtle, but once you have seen them, you can never unsee them.

So let’s unwind and have some laughs out of these hilarious movie mistakes. Here are 15 movie errors that get a pass because they are just too funny.

1. Quantum of Solace: The guy who is sweeping in the background must never have done that before in his life. That’s not how you sweep!

movie mistakes Source: Sony Pictures Releasing/ Courtesy of GIPHY

2. And so does this guy in Biker Boyz

movie mistakes Source: DreamWorks Pictures/ Courtesy of GIPHY

3. During this scene in Cherry, you can see two background actors fake shooting spiderwebs at Tom Holland.

movie mistakes Source: Apple Studios/ Courtesy of GIPHY

4. This extra actor’s cowboy hat does not belong to the pirate setting in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.

movie mistakes Source: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures/ Courtesy of Everett Collection

5. In Die Hard with a Vengeance, an extra just stands in the middle of a sidewalk for several seconds. He looks like an NPC from a game!

movie mistakes Source: 20th Century Fox/ Courtesy of Everett Collection

6. An extra from Sex and the City is fake-eating her food in one Season 6 scene.

movie mistakes Source: HBO/ Courtesy of Everett Collection

7. And so does this extra from The Boys

movie mistakes Source: Amazon Prime/ Courtesy of GIPHY

8. This guy sitting behind Benedict Cumberbatch in The Courier even fakes his chewing!

movie mistakes Source: Lionsgate/ Courtesy of GIPHY

9. In Total Recall, you can tell the extras were asked to make it look like the building was shaking when the reactor starts. One extra goes a little far with it.

movie mistakes Source: Tri-Star Pictures/ Courtesy of GIPHY

10. In The Patriot, this extra who is playing dead gets up as the screen fades to black.

Source: Columbia Pictures/ Courtesy of GIPHY

11. In Nobody, this guy is supposed to be dead, but he keeps moving.

Source: Universal Pictures/ Courtesy of GIPHY

12. In Christmas with the Kranks, this unlucky extra actor was in the head with a ladder

Source: Sony Pictures Releasing/ Courtesy of GIPHY

13. This one in The Last Samurai got it even worse. He gets kicked in the crotch by a horse.

Source: Warner Bros. Pictures/ Courtesy of GIPHY

14. There’s a kid in North by Northwest who covers his ears before a gun goes off — he’s credited as the “psychic kid” in the credits.

Source: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer/ Courtesy of Everett Collection

15. In Passenger 57, an extra already has fake blood on before he’s shot.

Source: Warner Bros./ Courtesy of Everett Collection

We hope those movie mistakes can make you laugh, or at least giggle a little bit. If you want more silly movie bloopers, then check out our previous post here.